How BUGemot works?

Ethical hackers, security experts and other professionals working in this field have access to the personal accounts of registered in BUGemot. After logging the expert panel they send found security vulnerability by their own name on the report to the BUGemot. In first step administrators checking sent info. This information is sent to the address of the organization after the approval of weakness (In the case of security breaches in the system). If company believes in the seriousness of the information about the organization and the weakness of the vulnerability that hit the estimated damage raises, exposing it to the specialist can make the payment at his own request. Then, after some time, depending on the status of the company subscription system information about the vulnerability displayed on the site. Each ethical hacker (specialist) sent vulnerability measured between 0-10 points by moderators. The collected scores and other criteria, the ratings are calculated in accordance with the ethical hackers will be displayed on the site.

In addition, the companies have to overcome the weaknesses found in the system of rating services can order them by paying hackers from a high place or proposed on BUGemot are able to use the services of packages to choose from.

Media representatives have access to information on BUGemot can post articles posted on the website.

Attention! If exposing vulnerabilities not eliminated, and will occur, resulting in the administration of BUGemot assumes no liability in connection with the threats. Using these vulnerabilities, causing damage to a person or an organized group shall be responsible for compliance with the legislation.

Any person registered in BUGemot agreed that the hacker ethic is considered signed.

When you use the site of the changes and additions to or be informed about it.

If have changes and additions we publish information on site to or you will be informed about it.