How it works

How BUGemot hackers rating is calculated. Why this rating is required?

The main purpose of this rating system is to know the extent of the area. Hackers work can be better. Organization having higher hacker ratings have more significant security gaps in the information system. Hackers rating is calculated as follows:

1. After sending the hacker finds a vulnerability to BUGemot checked by moderators if it is indeed found to be a weakness in the system, the Hacker has given a point between 1-10 by moderators.

2. CVE-ID are given space in the future, in addition to the 100 points are awarded to the same weakness.

3. If you believe the seriousness of the vulnerability assessment of the damage found by eliminating the desire of companies to hit this weakness in the case of specialist payment type for exposing it to make a donation. If the payment processed, hacker shot 10 the points are added. For example, moderators gave hackers 8 points to discover weakness and the company pays for the bug, then shot 10 to score 80 points hacker charged.

4. Hackers have been sending data to hackers by any of the languages until the points are given to the moderators. For example, 4 points Hacker filed by the moderator and the knowledge of the other language translation if someone else, then it is 4 points.

5. When data is sent by hackers translated to other languages is given 1 point.

6. Hidden by the company about the vulnerability was discovered by a hacker, then the points are awarded to the points made by moderators, ethical hackers. For example, moderators give for Ethical Hacking finds a vulnerability and the company has given 9 points conceals this bug, then Ethical Hacker is an additional 9 points.